Monday, October 14, 2019

DOORS: 16:00
SHOWS 17:00

Knotwilg & gr'ambacht present:
K-Group (nzl) + Taku Sugimoto / Minami Saeki (jap)

K-Group is Paul Toohey's solo drone project. In mid/late nineties he was member of arguably one of the most influential drone outfits ever Surface Of The Earth. A band whom have set a bookmark in feedbacking drones worldwide. K-Group just followed this road with a cd on Corpus H. while the Fusetron/Fisheye outputs teamed him up with the electronics from Omit. The biggest difference with other drone outfits being they are going deeper, and know how to stop a good track and not dragging it endlessly.

This resulted in legendary releases from both projects on Fusetronsound and Corpus Hermeticum. Some of these are reissued on Keith Utech or will be on Thin Wrist Recordings. A K-Group 7" is also scheduled on the notorious @I Dischi Del Barone for this year.

NZ fans shouldn't be convinced by this news (and i do know every single fan of you within Belgium haha) but how to convince musicfans whom are totally unaware of this? Obviously for people whom love Tony Conrad and other minmalists. But also for Pita/KTL fans for instance. And i am pretty sure Sunn O))) fans might dig this. Stephen O' Malley probably listened even very closely.

But have a listen and Judge for yourselves

Taku Sugimoto
"composer / guitarist / improviser

Currently he is more active in composing, while maintaining an interest in improvisation.

These past few years he has performed, worked, and collaborated closely with Radu Malfatti, Manfred Werder, Stefan Thut, Cristian Alvear, Christian Kobi, Simon Roy Christensen, Johnny Chang, Takeshi Masubuchi, Denis Sorokin, Fredrick Rasten, and Minami Saeki.

He is a member of Suidobashi Chamber Ensemble, an ensemble focusing on performing compositions of contemporary or experimental music."

Minami Saeki
"film actress, singer, and dancer

born in Nagasaki on the 18 February 1990.

she studied classical ballet, contemporary dance, classical singing, etc. she has acted in films, e.g., “Village on the Village” (Yukihiro Kurokawa) or “Natsu no Musumetachi-Himegoto” (Teiichi Hori) among others.

she is active as a singer and has performed with Taku Sugimoto, Junichiro Tanaka, Wakana Ikeda, Masafumi Ezaki, Takashi Masubuchi, Manfred Werder, Stefanut, Vincent Laju, among others in the fields of both pop and experimental music. “Songs” is a collaborative work with Taku Sugimoto."


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