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30 april 2019

"Born in Osaka, Japan.
1975: MUKAI Chie studied music under KOSUGI Takehisa Music Workshop at BI-GAKKO (alesthetic school) in Tokyo.
She started playing the er-hu and performed various improvised music such as "East Bionic Symphonia" and "STEREOS".
1981: She started her group "Che´-SHIZU".
Now it is known as a lo-fi dream psyche folk rock band.
She also performs in collective improvisation groups "dadunr", "IoGanymede" and works with butoh dancers / performance artists.
1998: She started producing the mixed media art festival "PERSPECTIVE EMOTION", and holds improvisation workshop in both Japan and Europe."

"heel klassiek, weinig klassieke gedichten voorbrengen"

Kaffee Ine
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Quanta Qualia __Residency on Earth


residency on earth

*** 15 SEPTEMBER 2018

a collection of plastic units
found & arranged into groups;
gestures permeated by sound &
an invitation to hear it set;
these traces will be left for
now & as the residues outlast

+ Ka Baird concert

*** 15 to 29 SEPTEMBER 2018

Lysergic gazing at scattered objects
combined into new micro architectonics.

To be visited on appointment:
0486100558 or

Tuesday, September 4, 2018