Thursday, September 10, 2015

18 sept - EXPO Anne Collet / Bart Sloow + HUM + HoW

EXPO Anne Collet & Bart Sloow

Hum (live)

"Dans le lac"-screening with live soundtrack by Head Of Wantastiquet
"Dans le Lac" is a road movie of a trip done in the early '50s from Brussels to the North of Italy. Fine editing of archives images of cities, mountains, cafe scenes, Astonishing and graceful intertitles and credits.
The reel of this 8mm movie was found in my family house in a box with other reels and slides. Images, Frédéric & Philippe Collet, Editing Philippe Collet
The whole stock was used to edit the movie "There are no wrong choices" that has the power of a psycho-magic act of self-healing. Sneak preview at the cinema Nova, Oct 16"

friday 18 sept 20:00