Friday, June 10, 2011

unfortunately Mik had to cancel the show on sunday.....

Friday, June 3, 2011


From +/- 2005-2008 Helbaard surely must have been Den Haag's most profilic fringe whatever underground music venue and concert organisator around.
Not only the list of bands who performed there is what one could call IMPRESSIVE (see below), also the posters & flyers they designed were BREATHTAKINGLY AWESOME!
This is the 1st (and probably the only?) chance to see all Helbaard gig posters ever made in one & the same room.

Don't miss out!

12 june - 20 august
(open on events & on appointment)

12 june - OPENING - 15.00h!
Timo Van Luyk & Kris Vanderstraeten (La Scie Dorée)
City Hands (NL, Silver Ghosts, Helbaard)
Mik Quantius (DE,, Embryo)

culled from myspace:
"After 100 shows we decided it was a good time to stop, Zeloot moved to Berlin and Ernie McCracken wants to focus more on perfecting his approach and getting into hitting the pocketzone gateway style. We will not check this account anymore so no use in contacting us this way. It was a good run and it changed our lives for the better. Thanks for coming out to the shows, keep it slightly moist but together. .......... PAST: 2008:Helbaard #100:Halloween insanity with Blood Stereo,Head of Wantastique,R.O.T.,ZimZImZIm,Portable Noise Kremator,Floating Bones,Pak,Mushmouth,Cotopaxi,Mik Quantius,Golden Mold,City Hands,Spit Swap,Floris Vanhoof,Dr. Alex Murphy phd,Bongoman,Dj Tyfus,Snackattack++Skaters,Family Underground,P.A.R>.++Deathroes,Buffle,Mik Quantius Band++Ashtray Navigations,James Ferraro,P.A.R.A.++Heatsick,Datashock,Cones,Gastric Female Reflex,Dolphins into the Future++LSD March, Ignatz++Starving Weirdos, Radio Eris++Religious Knives, Gala Drop, Spit Swap++PartWildHorseManeOnBothSides, Core of the Coalman, Pak, George W. Myers++Vomir, Strom Varx, Penthothal, Unchained Hands++Blue Shift, Bone Rattle, Yours Trulym Parktdolg++Hakro Massandro day 2:Sewer Election,Leafes,Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words++Dynamic Duo's with Cotopaxi,Dreamers Cloth,Keyboard Aggression,Mïk Quantius,City Hands++Sightings,Floris Vanhoof,Unchained++Awesome Color,Ray Pacino Ensemble,Boyzone++Coclea,Floating Bones,City Hands++The Nihilist Spasm Band,Slasher Risk++Nuslux,Reijo Pami,Amon Düde,Kiiskinen++Grey Skull,Julie Mittens duo,Non Horse, Mïk Quantius/Nuslux/City Hands++Noel Lawrence presents: J.X. Williams++Jack Rose,Hush Arbors,Johnny Corndawg++GHQ,Tom Carter++Up-Tight,Primordial Undermind++Blues Control,Los Llamarada,Yximalloo+++MV,/EE with the Golden Road, Loosers with Valerio Cosi, The Neokarma Jooklo Trio++++In The Eye Of Vision, Ducktails, Buffle, Core of the Coalman++2007: Curia and Arnaud Riviére+++Axolotl,Weyes Bluhd,Heatsick, Max Noi Mach and Nackt Insecten+++Slither, Sixes,Peter Evans+++Auk Theatre,Ara,Pax Titania,Failing Lights+++Halloween Insanity: Vanishing Voice,Floating Bones,Unchained,Axis Mundi,Non-Horse+++Wolf Eyes,R.O.T.+++Daniel Higgs,Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat,Stellar+++White Mice,Pleasurehorse+++Demons,Aaron Dilloway,Pulse Emitter,Awesome Color+++Temple of Bon Matin,Psychic Ills, Ryan Jewell+++Träd Gräs och Stenar,Family Battle Snake,Chris Forsyth++John Wiese,Grey Daturas,Wounded Knee+++Pacific City Sound Visions festival with Mïk Quantius,Vodka Soap,Miles Devens,Chrystal Maze,Family Battle Snake,Bridget Hayden,Fyoelk,Odijgh,Riff Drivel,Pulsating in the Eyes of Vision,James Ferraro+++Julie Mittens,Vodka Soap, Six Organs of Admittance++Cones, Nackt Insecten, Datashock, Vodka Soap,Usurper+++Religious Knives, Airport War, Slasher Risk, Laser Quest+++Extreme Animals, Viki+++James Blackshaw,Jozef van Wissum, Mik+++The Skaters,Tight Meat Duo, Heather Leigh Murray+++Family Underground/Mean Motion+++Samara Lubelski Band and Dean Roberts+++Last Refuge of the Senses++Eats Tapes+++Way Of The Cross+++Yellow swans, Al Naafiysh+++Ghost++++No Neck Blues Band++++Carlos Giffoni, Hive Mind+++Greta Monach+++++ID M Theft Able, Riff Drivel++Embryo, Bjerga/ Iversen++Ludo Mich+++++Simon Wickham Smith, Dorableu, Underground Movies part5+++Gerrit Jan de Rook+++++ -Racoo-oo-oooon, Warmer Milks+++++ -Little Howlin' Wolf, Dinosaur with Horns, R.O.T.+++++ -Buddies (Bill Nace & Chris Cooper), Peacemaker (George William)+++++ -Alan Courtis, Horacio Pollard and GLAS+++++ -Gang Wizard, Pulsating in the Eye and Vision+++++ -Skulflower, Stellar+++++ -underground film+++++ -E*Rock and Ola Vasiljeva+++++ -Sylvester Anfang, Ignatz, Jack Rose+++++ 2006 -Seripop-expo, Orphan Fairytale, Mudboy+++++ -Frozen Corpse, The Skaters and Leslie Keffer+++++ -Stuckometer+++++ -Sewer Elections and Datayard+++++ -Gown+++++ -Mudboy and Blue Sabbath Black Fiji+++++ -Ben Reynolds, John Fail+++++ -Spires that in the Sunset Rise,MV/EE and the Bummer Road, Overhang Party, Fish and Sheep, Charlie Nothing+++++ -Underground films 2 (with rene v/d Voort)+++++ -Gigposter-show @ Atelier Als Supermedium, Den Haag with Pulsating Eye, Bridget Hayden, Shattered Minds, Neptune, Dr. Bibber, Vulvax+++++ -Neptune+++++ -Underground films 1 (with rene v/d Voort)+++++ -Birds of Delay, Isambard Kingston Brunel en Julien Bradley+++++ -Avarus+++++ -Filthy Turd, Dr. Bibber+++++ -Uton, Aethr Myth'd, Bridget Hayden+++++ -An Albatross+++++ -Carla Bozulich i.s.m. Quartair, Den Haag+++++ -The Psychoacoustic Geographers+++++ -Music for one, Stefano Tedesco+++++ -Cris Corsano, Hardline Elephants, Stiff River+++++ -Burn Ward, Panicsville, Magic is Kuntmaster, Viki en Fire in the Head+++++ -OVO en Donna Parker i.s.m. WORM, Rotterdam+++++ -Pelt+++++ -Cris Corsano+++++ .. "
gerard herman @ gr'ambacht, mechelen
blue shift @ gr'ambacht, mechelen

(merci tg!)