Wednesday, August 14, 2013

thu 29/8: Jenny Gräf Sheppard / Marc Matter / Indias Indios

(us, Metalux, Bride of No No,...)  

Baltimore - based musician J. Gräf explores the ambiguous space between order and chaos in her compositions and live improvisations. Her music draws from early American song forms but offers these as frayed and fragmented melodies and rhythms.

Using the Tranoe, an electronic synthesizer designed for her by inventor Peter Blasser, she uses gesture and touch to manipulate the sound in both structure and form. Moving from clear folk-like instrumentation to imploded and disassembled spasms, J. Graf takes the listener through unexpected narratives of sound. Her new self-released record is titled The Future is a Faded Song.

Graf has released records on Hanson, Load, 5rc, Atavistic, Ehse and No Fun. Her collaborations include Metalux (with MV Carbon), Harrius (with Chiara Giovando) and Bride of No No.

MARC MATTER plays Voiceover (
de, Institut für Feinmotorik)
Aphonic Turntablist Soundpoetry

Turntablist Marc Matter (Institut fuer Feinmotorik) utilizes recordings of his own voice on vinyl to rework the material into transgressive human voice sound-pieces.


"ecstatic collage of tape loops, street life situations and lava flood, mixing found material from his travels, field recordings, videotaped sounds and movie soundtracks." (stenzequo)