Monday, August 5, 2019

14 August: Masubuchi / Augusteyns / Mota / García

Takashi Masubuchi (jp)
Jürgen Augusteyns (be)
Manuel Mota (pt)
Margarida García (pt)

"Takashi Masubuchi was born in 1984.Besed in Tokyo.
He started solo improvisation to use electric guitar from 2010.
He focus on playing an acoustic guitar from 2017.

His play inspired by Prewar blues.Morton Feldman's composiion.
and After the 1990s japanese improvised music.(it is sometimes called an「Onkyo」)

These past few years he has performed and collaborated with
Cristian Alvear.Joachim Badenhorst.Wakana Ikeda.Yoko Ikeda.Yasumune Morishige.Toshimaru Nakamura.Straytone.Taku Sugimoto and Shizuo Uchida."

ism stad Mechelen

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